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Entry #34

Madness Rat Short Done

2010-11-07 17:38:54 by Deimos2142

Done Animation Short
With a rat... 595c9cc1f7bff32117b195156f1446
(bug lol)

Madness Rat Short Done


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2010-11-07 19:50:09

Submit it to the portal.

Deimos2142 responds:

i tried because it not work on portal ;/


2010-11-10 15:58:04

Pretty nice, I like it. However, unless you don't use a V-cam, use normal size for the animation. 550 x 400. Your a good animator, however your movies sorta made little to no sense, work on a story line and/or a plot next time.

Deimos2142 responds:

yup its true i making now a madness ^^ for my best friend on birthdays and i will relase it ;p
i dont have a an idea to series look like to dawn of the madness or original madness
thanks to comment:)